Hanadi Electricals & Technical Services (Hanaditech) was founded in 2008 to provide expert environmental testing and consulting services for clients in the Doha industrial area. As our size and reputation for value and integrity grew the original office in Muntaza, Doha was moved to AlWakhrah.

At Hanaditech, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding stack testing as per USEPA reference method for our customers' needs. No matter the scope, Hanaditech is equipped with the right solutions for your stack emissions testing requirements. From isokinetic sampling to 40 CFR part 60, our expert staff is determined to serve you best.


Mission Statement

At Hanaditech, our mission is simple: to provide the most accurate and helpful emissions testing products and services in the industry.



Core Values

Our core values are quality, competence, and integrity. We promote and maintain our values through dedicated personnel who share our commitment to providing industry-best environmental solutions and unsurpassed customer service.




Hanaditech is staffed by experienced, full-time professionals who provide authoritative insight and guidance for your environmental issues and projects. Our team has significant experience in diverse disciplines:

With over 100 years combined experience, our key management team can assist you with any air-related issue. We do not hire outside contract personnel to conduct routine emissions testing projects.


Employee Certifications

Each employee is trained to meet ASTM 7036, LELAP, and NELAP standards, and has a Qualified Individual rating according to ASTM 7036.


Safety Record

We maintain an excellent safety record and provide rigorous in-house and safety council training for our employees. We hold NCMS (National Compliance Management Society) certification due to the outstanding quality of our safety programs.


Clients and Industries

We serve a wide variety of local, national, and international clients across the entire industrial spectrum.